With this questionnaire we want to learn how our community views CryoFall project and what expectations there are.

Please try to give us your honest opinion so we can better focus on features that you, the players want to see!
We will also give away free copies of CryoFall to 10 randomly drawn people who completed this survey :)

Anyway, let's start with some gameplay questions!
How much should survival be important in the game? *

E.g. how much focus should be put on satisfying your character hunger and thirst, taking care of the character health, etc.
How deep would you like to see character simulation? *

Select all you'd like to see present in the game.

Do you want to see different non-human playable races in the game, how different should they be? *

This is a Sci-Fi game, however it takes players from very basic primitive technology all the way up to space technology. In your opinion which stage should be longer? *

Are you interested in realistic climate simulation? *

Including temperature, moisture level, seasons, etc. You have to remember it takes time to implement this.
How important is story for you in a sandbox-style game like this? *

CryoFall will have a crafting system. How deep should the crafting be? *

Regardless of complexity your character will need to obtain recipes first.

If there's a background story of the events in the game, how do you think it should be represented in the game? *

How complex would you like to see farming in the game? *

Are you a social player or lone wolf? *

Do you like to play alone or socialize with other people in the game?

How much do you care about griefing? Should we implement more ways to protect players from griefers? *

A griefer is a player who deliberately irritates or harasses other players within a game. Stealing their items, destroying their base, killing other players for no reason, preventing them from doing something, etc.

Do you like to grief other people? *

Don't worry, you can tell us the truth, we are fine either way :)

Thank you for the answers about gameplay points! Now we have some more questions about your preferences for servers and technical aspects.

How many players per server would you like to see? Which server would you join is given a chance to choose? *

If there's an option, how likely it is that you will rent and host your own server? *

Would you be interested in a managed cloud-hosted servers? *

You won't have to configure or install anything. Basically press "create server" button and play with your friends who you can white-list, or make a normal public server. These servers will be offered for a fixed monthly fee.

If interested: What do you think would be a reasonable price to pay monthly for 25 slot server? *

If interested: What do you think would be a reasonable price to pay monthly for 100 slot server? *

If interested: What do you think would be a reasonable price to pay monthly for 250 slot server? *

We are almost done! Now some general questions about the game.

Are you planning on Streaming the game? *

"Let's play" or just recording gameplay in general.
What price do you think is justified for the kind of game we are building? *

How much are you interested in PVP/PVE? *

PVP - player versus players
PVE - player versus monsters

How often do you expect to play the game if you enjoy it? *

You can estimate based on how you play other similar games.

How often do you visit our development blog? *

How often do you visit our official forums? *

And finally a couple more questions about modding and we are done!

How interested are you in modding? Specifically in playing with mods that other people have created. *

Which modding tools aside from the map editor would you like to have available?

Please skip this question if you are not interested.
How interested are you in creating simple mods (such as replacing sprites, sounds, adjusting certain values, etc.)? *

How interested are you in creating complex mods (new items, new objects, new mechanics, new monsters, etc.)? *

How interested are you in creating mega-mods that add significant new features that completely change the gameplay? *

This is the end of this questionnaire, make sure to submit your answers or they will be lost! These answers will help us to make the game better! Thank you!

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